The reliability of the bible

Bible Reliability: M-A-P-S to Guide You through Bible Reliability

I like to say that the Bible is alive for two reasons. So the scrolls record incredible history of preserving the Word of God. You can only understand this in the light of our culture. The Archaeology of Palestine. The reliability of the bible, as we warned at the outset, the Bible does contains moral imperatives.

Some fragments of Greek texts exist that date back to A. I saw this in my own life. This book is a little different in two ways. My view of the Apocryphal books is that they are not Holy Scripture. So the scrolls record incredible history of preserving the Word of God.

Bible Reliability: M-A-P-S to Guide You through Bible Reliability

So the Scriptures are accurate. Amazingly, there is virtual agreement between the Dead Sea Scrolls and those dated 1, years later! When you do that, you open up the avenue for total relativism, where all truth claims are relevant and true in accordance with however the individual determines. One of the main reasons is the existence and size of the Internet.

The Bible is so exceedingly accurate in its transmission from the originals to the present copies, that if you compare it to any other ancient writing, the Bible is light years ahead in terms of number of manuscripts and accuracy. Currently, a total of billion is reasonable. How do you know Jesus said that?

Instead, I recommend you take the courageous approach of reading the Scriptures in the pursuit of truth. Is the Bible reliable? For the New Testament, there are currently more than 5, manuscripts, with most early copies anywhere from to years later, and some less than years later.

The title depicts that it came from God—he breathed it out! This is critical, because if it were unreliable in that matter, we certainly could take the next step and consider its theological reliability.

These same records describe a worldwide flood, an event present in literally hundreds of forms in cultures all over the world. For more information, visit www. There are dozens of other Old Testament facts supported by archaeological discovery.

The Bible has more empirical support, a shorter time between original writing and surviving copies, and a greater number of source manuscripts than any other ancient work, by far.

On top of that, they appealed to the knowledge of their opponents concerning the truth that they were talking about. New Testament writings were composed within a few decades of the events they describe, far too early for legend or myth to overtake actual history. This is the miraculous aspect of inspiration.

And approximately eight years ago archaeologists discovered underneath what they had previously thought was the earliest level at the site of Bethesda an older mikveh pool which had a fifth portico transecting it!

I had thousands of dollars invested into this before we even found something to purchase, because we had to send people there to check it out, determine authenticity, etc. The main purpose of the book is twofold. Luke, the writer of that gospel and the book of Actshas been described as a first-rate historian for his attention to detail and accurate reporting.

Historians have access to a tremendous number of manuscripts, proving the New Testament was reliably and quickly copied and distributed. The Destruction of the city of Tyre was predicted in detail by Ezekiel Ezekiel 26 — written circa B.The authorship of Mark’s Gospel is of great importance to those of us making a case for the reliability of the New Testament.

Mark isn’t mentioned as an eyewitness in any of the Gospel accounts. Get J. Warner’s Monthly Bible Insert. Upcoming Events. September 24, - Cold-Case Christianity Broadcast on the NRB Network. MORE DETAILS. Use M-A-P-S to guide you through Bible reliability: Manuscripts, Archaeology, Prophecy, Statistics Have you tried to show someone the historical reliability of the Scriptures, and not known where to start?

A quick trip to your local well-stocked Christian bookstore likely will overwhelm you. Where among the dozens of impressive, comprehensive reference.

Question: "Is the Bible reliable?" Answer: Using the same criteria by which we judge other historical works, not only is the Bible reliable, it is more reliable than any other comparable writings.

Reliability is a question of truthfulness and accurate copying. The evidence for the reliability of the Bible has never been greater. We have surprising evidence that God exists, that he intervened in history to reveal himself to the Jews, and that Jesus Christ died on the cross and rose from the grave, vindicating himself as the Son of God and confirming the truth of the biblical message.

Although atheists claim that the Bible has been changed over the centuries, corrupted through copying, or that it was just made-up by the Disciples. However, the history of the Bible shows that the Bible has been preserved as originally written and is.

Is the Bible reliable? by Matt Slick - mp3 - video One of the most important questions asked by non-Christians as they look into Christianity is whether or not the Bible .

The reliability of the bible
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